Benefits of Choosing to Invest in a Purpose-Built Student Property

What Investors Need To Know About Purpose Built Student Accommodation Investments from Sterling Woodrow Ltd


A purpose-built student accommodation is a great way to earn income from your savings. It can be a stable property investment compared to the traditional residential buy-to-lets that can be greatly affected by property market dips.

Houses in multiple occupation (HMO’s) are also becoming a thing of the past for innovative investors. The extensive renovations and time involved in costly HMO conversions has proved to be an out-of-date way of investing in a student property. Today, students are looking for more luxurious housing where they can feel at home.

Therefore, a purpose-built student accommodation unit makes such a great investment for the current trends. The construction is also managed by a developer and the maintenance of the building is done by a professional property management company, making it a hands-free investment.

Here are some benefits of investing in a student property. student bedroom

Universities can’t keep up – University dorms were the most popular option for students, but due to the increased number of UK university acceptances, universities just can’t keep up with housing thousands of students in the campus, so students are forced to look elsewhere – PBSA.

The demand will always be there – Despite the economic climate of the UK or the uncertainty of Brexit, people aren’t going to stop going to school. The demand will always be there for student property as long as there are students. In fact, UCAS and JLL are recording more overseas students coming to live and study in the UK. The cap on the limit of acceptances for each university was also lifted, so more people are attending universities.

Strongest performing asset class – During the times of recession many asset classes preform badly, however student accommodation experiences a demand every year without fail. For good locations that are close to universities, investors can expect a yield of around 8% to 10%, and it is highly unlikely that the NET yields will go lower than this. The income stream is more predictable, making it a stable investment, exempt from stamp duty taxes.

Students can be long-term tenants – If you are able to keep the student tenant happy, they can stay in your unit for the entire duration of their course. It will depend how long a tenant can potentially stay in your unit – medical students spend 6 years in further education. Potentially, you can have a medium to long-term tenant providing you with a stable source of rental income.

No additional management fees – Because a purpose-built student accommodation is considered commercial property, there are no additional fees involved as far as taxes and letting agents. The professional management company chosen by the developer will be responsible for the student tenant sourcing, maintenance, repairs and rent collecting. You won’t have any costs taken from your 8%-10% NET yield. If a student damages property, the management company will cover the costs from their own pocket.


Property investors can benefit from PBSA in many ways. It can be a high yielding investment with low risk and high returns if you have done your due diligence in choosing a location and property. With the help of a property investment consultant, you can find the most profitable student accommodation investment to diversify your portfolio and earn an assured income.

Kitchen Extension Builders For Manchester Properties

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In Manchester we get asked to complete many kitchen extensions, and since the kitchen is generally the core of the house it is important to plan your kitchen out and all the details with the trusted Manchester builders before getting a quote. Many people like to improve their house with a spacious kitchen which may be used for entertaining in addition to cooking, even a kitchen renovation might add a lot of value to the home for a moderate price. It’s possible to improve your kitchen with space saving units and gear or maybe you want to go all out using an outside kitchen expansion or knocking down inner walls to add space.

Kitchen research – When investing in any type of house extensions it is important into do some research first, before you call the local own builder it is important to have an idea of how you’ll use the room. Think of how you use it now and the way which will change, would you like outdoor access into the garden with a doorway or are you going to use it for entertaining or dining in addition to cooking? By considering how you’ll use your kitchen, you might find some idea on layout that you’ll be able to speak through with your builder in Manchester.

kitchen extension in Manchester

This means when designing the kitchen you need into consider this preparation area, you need all of the areas to be accessible, you need to make sure when cooking you may find to of the oven, of the hobs, of the chopping area and the sink. They need into be close enough together into make preparing food and meals easier. Keep in mind that you need to allow area for pots and pans along with other useful utensils, how much storage area can you need for all of the kitchen appliances, cutlery and can you still have space for your weekly groceries. Probably the most crucial elements to consider when extending or re designing the kitchen is where of the drains go, many drains can go out of your kitchen and this could affect the layout of the kitchen extension in Manchester.

Where Can I Find the Best Self Assessment Service?

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Unless you have a savings account filled with large amounts of money or are gleefully being supported by some wealthy benefactor, the chances are that you will be required to earn funds in order to pay lifestyle expenses. Unfortunately, global expenditure is increasing and the cost of living is on the rise which leads to a need for higher income; however, economic depression has caused difficulty in this area and people are living in credit in order to survive. Contemporary life is a rat race full of drudgery and financial distress; therefore, it is always important to pursue methods to save some cash for that rainy day. This article will review the self assessment services as a means of helping people overcome financial insecurity and provide information on how to utilize the service effectively.


What Are Self Assessment Services?

In previous years, the inclusion of workplace pensions was advocated to ensure that workers received employee benefits and security. This came about from a joint agreement by employers and employees that the workers should be treated with respect and safeguards their occupational rights. As can be assumed, if the business did not offer any pension schemes the worker missed out on valuable financial benefits; and, unfortunately, this was often the case in companies that chose not to offer these schemes or make them known to the employee. In order to remove this result, the government chose to create self assessment tax return services.


The Self assessment tax return service is a government service that requires employees to file their tax returns by themselves via a self assessment tax return. This is a mandatory facility; however, it will only be applied to individuals who are eligible for the particular scheme available. It should also be noted that eligibility is based on the criteria of the scheme as well as whether or not you are already in a workplace scheme. It is not possible for one individual to receive both a workplace scheme and auto enrolment scheme as they will be receiving two pension services; however, it is necessary that the workplace does pay into the auto enrolment service if receiving this option.


auto enrolment service

Why Are These Services Being Used?

As can be assumed from the above information, not saving money over the years can result in instability later in life and need to continue working late into adulthood. By utilising the self assessment services it is possible to encourage and motivate workers to save money for retirement. Of course, as is mentioned above, not all workers are eligible for this type of scheme and it may be difficult for this individual to save funds; however, provisions have been made to assist these individuals if this is the case.


Final Words On The Matter

Money is an important part of life and must be acknowledged by all individuals as soon as you enter adulthood. By using the information above you can be sure to start up a savings account early on and ensure a happy, enjoyable old age.


How To Find A Professional Essex Drain Cleaning Service

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The way to find the best drain cleaning services never enters the head of a typical homeowner until they’ve a crisis. Not knowing which to do, most panicky house owners may contact an Essex plumber to deal with the problem. These people usually end up searching for the service. That’s since there are businesses which focus on drain cleaning, and their rates are a lot less than what a plumber fees per hour. On occasion, a quit drain may require the services of a pro plumber in Essex. This happens in circumstances where the congestion has been due to injury to the pipes, or bad construction.

More often than not, a blocked sewer drain may be rid of a local drain cleaning services. These charges can add up if a congestion is specific severe. A drain cleaning business will charge a flat rate, usually less than £100, for draining any drain. The way to find the best drain cleaning services is as simple as searching online. Irrespective of the matter, a drain cleaning services may almost always be less expensive than a plumber. As a specialised service company, they’re stocked with the best equipment and tools for dealing with clogged drains. Plumbers don’t always have the same sort of equipment at their disposal, which may lead to the job taking much longer, and costing far more money.

essex plumbing serviceCharges for unclogging drains and plumbing vary across the nation. The best estimate vary from £90 to over £300, depending upon the severity of the blockage. Drain cleaning company rates may start as low as £85, no matter how long exactly the job tales to complete. Plumbers can charge just as much as £135 for a hour with an one hour minimum. If two plumbers are needed, then exactly the speed doubles. And if access to a roof vent is required, costs may be even higher. It’s plain to see from all of these figures that hiring a business that specialises in Essex drain cleaning is a lot more economical than hiring a plumber.

It’s entirely possible for homeowners to clean drains out on their very own. Basic drain cleaning tools are sold at all house improvement retailers, and are comparatively cheap. Drain snakes, also known as augers, come in a wide range of sizes. Hand held snakes begin as low as £5 and may run up to £50. Electric snakes such as the plumbers and drain cleaners utilize start at 0 and run upwards of 100. Plumbing wrenches, which could be required to take apart a pipe to clear exactly the blockage, cost between £30 to £100.

Classic Car Transportation for Volkswagens

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Safeways Car Delivery have a classic car transportation service that can put classic car owner’s minds at ease. We understand how much care should go into transporting a classic car and guarantee saving you time and stress.

Making their United Kingdom debut to the public, Volkswagen introduced three new vehicles in Essex.

The first of these is the sporty R32, one of the most aggressive cars ever built by VW. With 240 hp and 236 lbs. ft of torque, the R32 launches from 0-60 mph in a scant 6.4 seconds.

A six-speed manual transmission provides crisp, accurate shifts while 4MOTION all-wheel drive delivers a safe and controlled on road experience. Underneath, the fully independent suspension works in combination with 18” multi-spoke alloy wheels, while at all four corners, blue four-piston caliper brakes haul the R32 back down to zero in a hurry.

The exterior of the R32 is both aggressive and subtle. Excitement is provided via the front grille, side skirts and rear spoiler, along with the lowered appearance. The restrained look is the bi-product of classic design. Nothing in the R32’s exterior screams sports car, it’s understood from the moment it catches your eye.

Inside the R32 is all about the business of going fast in style. Full bucket racing seats grab every inch of your frame and almost dare you find an uncomfortable position. Alloy pedals, a leather shifter knob, three spoke steering wheel and easy to read gauges add to the thrill ride.

classic car deliveryThe R32 is an instant classic. Expect this Volkswagen to be priced just shy of $30,000.

The second new vehicle to be introduced is not so much a new vehicle, but a new engine in a relative new comer to the SUV market. The Volkswagen Touareg is already meeting the demands of consumers in North America, and with the introduction here of the V-10 diesel, sales should continue to climb.

At 310 hp and a ridiculous 553 lbs. ft of torque, the new diesel Touareg is capable of towing almost anything you can think of. Throw in 4MOTION all-wheel drive, a 6-speed automatic transmission and the combination is even more unfair to the competition. Electronic Stabilization with brake assist and Hill Descent and Climb Assist are also included.

Inside the Touareg is a fully functional luxury cruise liner on wheels. With all the amenities you would expect in a vehicle of this size and stature, the inside of the Touareg is as capable of standing up to scrutiny as the exterior is capable of taking on the toughest terrain.

Volkswagen plans to start selling the Touareg V10 TDI at £57,800.

Third and certainly not least, Volkswagen now offers 4MOTION all-wheel drive on the Passat GL TDI sedan and wagon. Previously available on only the V6 and W8 models, the decision was made to broaden the attributes of the Passat line and include it as part of their best selling package.

The Passat GLS 4MOTION sedan starts at £25,130, while the wagon will be offered at £26,130.

The Importance Of Cellar And Basement Conversion Waterproofing

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Basements can be made into a functional space that can have many uses. These include a spare bedroom, home office, entertainment room, wine cellar or home gym. It is vital that you get you basement waterproofed before the conversion. Basement waterproofing systems ensure that your basement stays dry and free from mould and mildew.

Converting and renovating your basement is a solution, can add value a new living experience for you or your family. Creating an extra bedroom on your property may increase the value dramatically while also giving you what might be much desired bedroom for a growing family.

Making an extra bedroom on your property may increase the value while also giving you what could be needed bedroom for a family. Having a guest room That’s different to the remainder of the house can be beneficial for relatives and friends who may want some peace and quiet. As there is a cellar conversion going to be a more secluded and quieter area than the rest.

basement flooding

Would possess a quiet area where they’re free of diversion to adults or work who’re seeking to get some work done without the distraction of a television and kids. Converting a basement may be the situation for the business.

Though still part of the property will mean children and your family know that you are at perform and shouldn’t be bothered unless necessary. In case you’ve sufficient space in the cellar conversion then a fantastic use of that the space is for a gym.

Installing fitness center equipment in your waterproof basement will save you on an expensive fitness center membership. Turning a cellar conversion into an extra bath room is ideal for a family with kids who’re starting to grow up along with perhaps spend a little more time compared to strictly necessary admiring their hair before school on that the morning. Wet rooms are becoming more and more popular in properties along with are seen as more appealing than a traditional bathroom.

All You Need To Know About Management Accounting Services

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Management accounting, also known as managerial accounting, is the process of preparing accounts and management reports that provide timely and accurate statistical and financial information required by managers to make both short-term and day-to-day decisions. Unlike in financial accounting where annual reports the for external stakeholders, management accounting services generate weekly or monthly reports for a business’ internal audience like the CEO and department managers.

Management accounting reports show the sales revenue generated, amount of available cash, the state of accounts payable and receivable, the number of orders in hand, outstanding debts, inventory, and raw material. These reports may also include variance analysis, trend charts, and other statistics.

The management accounting process is made up of four basic functions. These functions play a vital role in the managerial functions of a manager. They include:

1. Planning

Planning in managerial accounting services involves formulating long-term and short-term actions and plans to achieve a particular goal and provides information necessary for decision making. The budgeting process is entirely developed around reports that are accounting-related and helps make it easier for managers to plan by providing them with reports that estimate the effects of actions on a business’ ability to achieve it’s desired goals.

2. Organizing

business accountingOrganizing involves the assigning of responsibilities to staff and establishing the organizational framework to ensure that a business’ objectives and goals are achieved. It also involves clarifying each manager’s lines of authority and responsibility. Management accounting services help managers by providing them with reports and the information they need to regulate and adjust activities and operations as required.

3. Controlling

Control in management accounting involves monitoring, evaluating, measuring, and correcting actual results to ensure that an enterprise’s plans and goals are achieved. Managerial accounting services help managers control functions by creating performance and control reports that highlight variances between actual and expected performances. These reports serve as a means for taking the necessary corrective actions to control business operations.

4. Decision-Making

Decision making is the process of choosing between competing alternatives and is plays a crucial role in each of the management functions mentioned above. No plans can be made without decisions being made first. This usually involves choosing between competing methods and objectives to carry out chosen objectives. Management accounting services can help management structure decisions while providing alternatives and their consequences in a way that’ll be easier for managers to evaluate.

Management accounting services are important for any business that is looking to manage its finances and operations more efficiently. For more information, consider getting in touch with a professional managerial accounting services provider today.

When You’ll Need the Services of London Declutter Experts

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Business owners, home owners, parents and the elderly may all need a London decluttering service at some point in their lives, especially if they already have problems with organisation, planning and strenuous tasks. Every London resident knows that living amongst the busy hussle and bussle of the energetic city can make it extremely difficult to keep on top of the most basic things in life – one of them being clutter.

Not only is it demanding living in such a busy city, it can take a toll on your home and workplace. Having a full time job, a family to come home to, a social life to stay updated with and allowing yourself to still have time to yourself is exhausting enough. Adding clutter on top of that is extra unnecessary stress.

If you feel like you have a cluttered house or workplace, then you may want to utilise the service of a professional decluttering and organising company in London.

What is the definition of a cluttered space?

A cluttered home or workplace is added grief to an otherwise blissful space. Clutter is anything from paperwork to toys that takes up space in your room without being useful or functional.

A cluttered space is one that loses its purpose because of the amount of clutter you have let yourself and others build up over time. You will know when your space is too cluttered when it begins to be difficult to move from one side to the other, or you can no longer see the floor, or if you don’t have enough space to put anymore things in the room.

For example, a living room area can be considered cluttered when there is no space for kids to play and even the sofa is too covered in clutter for people to sit on it. In this case, the room become less practical and more of a hassle and frustration.

London declutter experts

The big question is, why is decluttering needed and how it can help. This is simple and requires very little explanation. Clutter is not healthy for you whether it is in your work space or your home. Clutter can cause stress, forgetfulness, laziness and it can also demotivate you from starting your day. On top of that, clutter is not hygienic and is only good for harbouring dust, dirt and bacteria making it susceptible to the formation of fungus and mold, which are both dangerous for your health. As well as this excessive heaps of clutter or piles of clutter can pose as a tripping hazard as well as a fire hazard.

Why should I remove my clutter?

You should declutter your home or office to make sure that you are living and working healthily. You should also contact a professional such as London declutter experts to make sure that you don’t get overwhelmed or frustrated from facing the clutter alone.